Return to Northeastern

The impact of war on Northeastern rarely ended with the cessation of hostilities. In the years immediately following each war, campus life would be dominated by returning servicemen. This was especially true following World War II for over 50 percent of student enrollment in the early 1950s were United States ex-military personnel returning to finish their education.

In response to the influx of returning WWII veterans, the University established the Veterans Office in Richards Hall to assist veteran students with any issues or problems as they re-integrated into college life.

In 1950, Northeastern graduated three separate senior classes, each with its own activities and yearbook. These classes were made up largely of servicemen who had completed some requirements before the war, built up transferable credit during their service, and had only a few classes to take to fulfill graduation requirements.

On 1 May 1954, at the request of the Boston Office of Veterans Administration, Northeastern opened the Veterans Guidance Center on Mt. Vernon St. The new center offered counseling and vocational guidance services for returning veterans.