Veterans Activities

In addition to the services provided by the Northeastern administration, students organized their own activities in support of their veteran classmates. The Veterans’ Association has played a role on campus since the 1940s. Although its popularity faded in and out over the years, the association "tried to form kind of a transition society and hoped to help incoming veterans adjust to college life." Other activities included the Veterans Corner column in the Northeastern News and numerous memorials and dedications in the Cauldron, the University yearbook.

The Class of 1945 organized The '45 Club to recognize that "many members of our class would be leaving for the armed services and that some organization should be started to keep these men connected with the activities of our class."

Registrar John B. Pugsley was the chosen coordinator of veterans at Northeastern and worked with veterans to make their return to the University as smooth as possible. He was interviewed by the Boston Traveler about his work: "'The work I do is largely at their solicitation. They don’t want to be a marked or special group.’ The Veterans’ Association room in Richards Hall is less popular with the vets than the regular recreation room where they may mingle with other students. 'Pug' also reports that only one veteran has ever voluntarily mentioned his service.”