Honor Societies

The Northeastern ROTC unit has been distinguished by having three honor society companies on campus: the Pershing Rifles, the Scabbard and Blade, and the Jody Corps.

The National Association of the ROTC Pershing Rifles are a precision drill team organized in 1951 by Col. William Price, head of the ROTC. They supply honor guards, hold military exhibitions, and perform on special occasions. They are not associated and do not compete with the NU rifle team.

The Scabbard and Blade is similar to a fraternity for ROTC members, choosing its own members and putting them through several challenges before admitting them. The society is also responsible for special celebrations put on by the ROTC, such as the Military Ball, a particularly popular occasion during the 1940s and 1950s.

The Jody Corps is a women’s military honor society organized in 1966 “to promote knowledge and understanding of the armed Forces and to support the university and ROTC department through civic and social duties.” The female cadets also established a women’s drill team.

Military men throw their rifles in the air during a Pershing Rifles drill at the Military Ball
Couple dances at the Military Ball
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